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Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card… Good OR Bad!

The freedom unlimited credit card by chase is it really as good as they say it is?

The short answer is yes.

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I got this card a while back (2 months ago) and up to date I have already received over $240 in cash back (or you can even use that value as credit to other stores like Apple and Amazon)!

And if you sign up by pressing the “Check it out here” button you get $200 back!

Now about the cash back, it’s amazing… 5% back on travel, 3% back on dining, and 1.5% back unlimited on all purchases! Like what! Let’s jump into that.

If you are a traveler this card is an even better choice for you, they offer 5% on travel, 5%! Let’s put that in some perspective, if you spend $1000 on plane tickers you get $50 back, for no reason! That just is awesome!

If you like dining, same thing, you get a 3% cash back on all dining! So, if you’re like me and always look for a discount or coupon, you always have one on your credit card! Even though I still look for coupons to get a even better deal…

Even if you do not travel or eat out, you get 1.5% cash back on all other purchases, which can really add up! And if you want even more points, Chase offers a program called ‘Shop through Chase’, they have a whole part with a whole bunch of stores that offer more deals for points, for example Under Armor. They offer 8 points for every dollar you spend right now! That means every dollar you spend you save 8 cents, which again can add up!

And besides just the rewards, Chase is a huge bank that can offer service and help right away for you!

Putting all that aside you get a great looking card to help build and/or resume your credit journey!

This is my take on the Chase freedom unlimited card and hope you found it informational, God bless!


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