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The Future Of General Motors

General Motors, a company that does not seem to scream “FUTURE” when talked about, but maybe it should.

I was in Orlando, Fl when I saw the future of GM right in front of me. They had a showcase of all their future concept cars and their plans for their vehicles that honestly surprised me and made me look at GM in a new light. Let’s look into what I saw!

This is one scene from this showcase that truly changed my outlook on GM. There is this mold of a car designed by them. In which GM is super for drawing, they say that you cannot make something without drawing it, which is so true, they are pro-design, which is what we love! Now this scene…

there is this car mold with a TV in the background, they interview kids on what kind of futuristic car they would want in the future, whatever the kids say instantaneously they were able to imbed on that car, here is a video!

This may not be the biggest thing of all time but it shows GM is thinking of the future! And to show other future ideas they are thinking about, take a peek at this:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaThis vehicle is an all-electric future machine!

They show this as a solution to common environmental issues of transportation. They call it the En-V- They say this can help lessen the amount of traffic consumption while being energy efficient, while also helping the parking aspect of life.

This sleek and small design of this car along with it being energy efficient just screams “future”, and it does look pretty cool to you have to admit.

They also have some other concepts like these!

I mean some of these look like literal spacecraft but hey, who knows what the future holds!

After all of these new concepts, they also have an area where you can design your own car, to maximize efficiency, power, and aerodynamics that was really fun!

Now from this, you can tell I am in fact not good at this… but I tried.

After you design your car you scan in your make right before the ride!

Mine may have looked like well… poop, I got first place in handling (queue applause). Probably because I made that thing as wide as possible, anyways back to GM.

This experience was really mind-opening to what GM has to offer and I could really see them as a top seller in the near future!

I hope you found this blog helpful and super informative or just overall interesting, and thanks for stopping by The Keioglian Times!

God bless! 🙂

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